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Invest in Tomorrow: Hire a Futures and Options Intern


Anurag Gautam, K.S. J.A.M.M. Intern, and Imani Clement, Child Center of NY Intern

In 2015, 295 students worked at 179 private businesses and public agencies through Futures and Options Internship Program with tremendous success: 99% of our interns' supervisors said they would hire an intern again through Futures and Options

This year, we hope to open the door for even more students to be interns in our program, and for more companies to become Futures and Options business partners.

As a Futures and Options business partner, you and your company will build tomorrow's workforce while connecting to a pipeline of promising, motivated and diverse youth. To learn more about Futures and Options, please visit our website and read our 2015 Annual Report, which describes the Internship Program in more detail.

If you are interested in participating in the Futures and Options Internship Program in 2016, please complete our Business Partnership Questionnaire. If you have questions, please contact Joanna Munoz, Futures and Options Business Partnership Associate.

By joining futures and Options business partners, you and your colleagues will positively impact our City's young people, your company and the greater NYC community. Thank you.


Banking Made Easy at Capital One's 360 Café


From left to right: James Gurney, Program Coordinator, John Gicker and Kyle Harris Café Ambassadors, and Futures and Options high school interns.


Capital One has been a tremendous supporter of Futures and Options since 2010, hosting trips and funding our Internship Program and the Career Essentials middle school program at Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS). In October, our high school interns, who work at various NYC companies, traveled to the Capital One 360 Café for a career exploration field trip.

As part of an initiative to make banking and understanding finances easier for their customers, Capital One developed the 360 Café, which offers a unique curriculum and ambassadors who facilitate workshops for people of all ages. The 360 Café is an information center and community hub where anyone can feel comfortable learning how to manage their finances. “Banking should be as easy as getting a cup of coffee,” said Kyle Harris, 360 Café Ambassador.

Employees of 360 Café facilitated a financial literacy workshop for our interns and showed them around this innovative banking space. Ms. Harris and her colleagues were excited to speak with Futures and Options students; she shared that “the students were already extremely knowledgeable, so we were able to have a very in-depth conversation.”

Here are Kyle Harris’s top three banking Do’s:

  1. Know your credit status: According to the Café Ambassador, this is the most important place to start and the key part of understanding your finances. In order to know your true credit status, you must understand what a credit score is, know why credit is important, and how it’s used.

  2. Look at more than three options for credit: Capital One’s 360 Café encourages people to explore several options to find the best fit for what they need. For example, if you are a student looking for ways to pay for college, always investigate more than three options so you know what is available for you.

  3. Write out a plan for the next few years: This was one of our Café Ambassador’s favorite activities and she suggests everyone do this. The goal is to create in advance a written plan of what you are going to be doing and how you will be spending money. Of course, there will be unforeseen expenses, but if you know you are going to need to travel home from school four times during the next few years, then you can plan your necessary spending in advance. 


Thank you, Capital One, for your continued generous support of Futures and Options!



Beyond High School, Planning for College


Futures and Options students tour Brooklyn College in September


The College Guidance Initiative offers a needed complement to Futures and Options’ career development programs, such as Career Essentials and The Internship Program.  Each month Program Coordinators James Gurney and Sarah Kaufmann facilitate workshops to help our students think about their higher education plans. Through these workshops, students begin their college search, learn how to navigate the college application process as well as how to find the financial aid to pay for their college education. High school students who are part of the Futures and Options network are invited to the workshops.

Each workshop addresses a different facet of the process of finding the college that is the right fit. For example, at our January workshop, seven Futures and Options alumni who are freshmen in college spoke to 20 of our students about their own experiences applying to college and what college life is really like.  It is one of the workshops that our high school students most enjoy!  They have an opportunity to learn about the challenges of choosing a college, meeting a new roommate and living in a dorm, selecting classes and getting good grades from kids like themselves.  We are always so grateful to our alumni who come back to share their wisdom with our high school students and for giving so generously of their time!

In December, our workshop covered the FAFSA and TAP applications, and our February workshop will help the students learn about scholarships and other sources of financial aid. Students also have the option to tour two NYC college campuses. This February, our students are looking forward to visiting Manhattan College in The Bronx.

Futures and Options is most appreciative for the CME Group Community Foundation’s continued support for our College Guidance Initiative. The CME Group Community Foundation has supported Futures and Options since 2012.      








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