Career Essentials

Career Essentials is offered to middle and high school students who are interested in learning more about the work world. This career readiness program provides highly interactive group workshops with opportunities for students to practice and improve their interpersonal, communication, presentation, leadership and teamwork skills. The program also includes career exploration activities and field trips. Career exploration trips have included visits to New York City companies such as PwC, Colgate-Palmolive Company and Gap.  

Who Can Apply?

If you are a high school student in NYC, you can apply online to Career Essentials. Middle school students will receive applications when you attend the Career Essentials Information Session at your school.

How do you apply?

Fall 2018 session is now open. Click here to apply! The deadline is Friday, September 21st.

Please contact Anthony Kuzma at if you have any questions. 

How often are the workshops?

Career Essentials is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. Each semester includes two-hour workshops once a week for 13 weeks. Participants are expected to attend all 13 weekly workshops.

Career Essentials Internships  

High school students who have successfully completed Career Essentials, and are 16 years or older, are eligible to apply for a paid internship as an assistant in the program.  Two students are selected as interns each term.  The interns assist in planning the program's activities as well as have an opportunity to model and apply the skills they learned in the program.  In addition to their responsibilities as assistants, the interns also participate in our Internship Program's career readiness workshops and enrichment activities. 

Morolake Thompson, an intern who assisted with Career Essentials in Fall 2009, said of her experience, "As a Futures and Options intern, I became better skilled in time management and learned to take initiative. As a student, balancing several extra-curricular activities at once, every minute became significant and leisure was precious. I would very much recommend the program to other students because of the basic on-the-job skills every student needs. As a student, finding employment is difficult because of lack of experience. As a result of the internship opportunity created especially for students by Futures and Options, teens have the opportunity to prove they are mature and skilled enough to handle the challenge of employment."

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