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CTE Industry Scholars Program


We are excited to announce that this year Futures and Options was selected by Grant Associates to participate in the NYC CTE Industry Scholars Program.  Funded by the NYC Department of Education, the CTE Industry Scholars Program "supports Career Technical Education (CTE) high school students in advancing their post-secondary education and career aspirations through valuable work-based learning activities."  CTE students attend high schools where they learn the skills needed for careers in the automotive and transportation, business and finance, construction and engineering, culinary, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, information technology, media, technology, and design sectors.

The CTE Scholars Program includes industry-specific internships and a variety of career activities aimed at helping CTE students apply their skills in authentic industry settings while gaining real-world work experience.   The six-week internships start February 28, 2017.  Employers are asked to provide 10-15 hours of work each week for interns during the school year and 25-30 hours of work each week during the summer.  All interns are paid by the NYC Department of Education.

This year, Futures and Options is working specifically with students who are eager to work in the media, technology, and design industry sectors. We invite employers from these sectors to join the community of industry leaders who are helping to build the future of NYC's workforce while gaining CTE students' technical skills for their business needs. If you are a parent or student, contact Sarah Kaufmann at or 646.880.6685 to learn more about the program, career exploration activities, and becoming a CTE Industry Scholars Program intern. If you are a business interested in learning more about the program, career exploration activities, or hosting a CTE Industry Scholars Program intern, please contact our Business Engagement Manager Taylor Heideman at or 646.880.6690. 

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