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Internship Program

The Internship Program 

The Internship Program provides paid, mentored internships and career readiness workshops to high school juniors and seniors. Students acquire hands-on experience, gain entry to small businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and multinational corporations and earn needed money.

95% of F+O interns successfully completed our Internship Program last year, working at over 160 corporations, nonprofits and government agencies. 

The Summer 2023 Internship Program application is now closed.  

Application deadline Extended to February 13th, 2023

Letter of Recommendation deadline: February 17th, 2023

Please contact Shakina Kirton at or call (212) 601-0002 with any questions.


Are you an NYC business interested in hosting an intern? Learn more.

Key Components of the Internship Program

There are five integral components to the Futures and Options Internship Program, which ensure that the internship is rewarding for the intern as well as the partnering business. The five components are the student recruitment and application process, intern placement, career readiness workshops and monitoring, and collaboration with school staff and mentors/supervisors.  

Student Recruitment and Application Process Each school semester, Futures and Options recruits students in coordination with partnering schools as well as through the Futures and Options website and various referrals.  After the students submit the required Internship Program application, Futures and Options staff interview and assess the eligible candidates.

Intern Placement Before Futures and Options sends internship candidates to employers, our staff meets with prospective employers and the supervisors/mentors to assess the work situation, explore the interns' responsibilities, and discuss the supervisors/mentors' role. After assessing each student's abilities, goals and interests, Futures and Options schedules interviews for prospective interns with compatible firms.  

Career Readiness Workshops After internship placements are confirmed, the interns may attend group or individual orientation sessions, which include work-readiness workshops that focus on interpersonal skills, proper business demeanor, dress and self presentation as well as interviewing skills, resume writing, attentive listening and office technology.  Interns visit with professionals during the workshops as well as at their businesses to learn firsthand about different careers.

Monitoring Throughout the internship, Futures and Options' staff meet with the supervisors/mentors on-site and with the interns at their internship sites and during the workshops. Futures and Options' staff regularly call and visit each internship site to evaluate intern progress and work site quality.  Since these are paid internships, Futures and Options' makes clear to all that an internship may be terminated.  Interns recognize and accept this meaningful reality. 

Collaboration with School Staff and Mentors/Supervisors The close coordination among school personnel, supervisors/mentors and Futures and Options staff reflects their shared commitment to support the growth and success of each student, and is a core element in the program's success.  Futures and Options' staff regularly hold meetings with supervisors/mentors and school teachers, counselors and coordinators to reinforce the role each plays in the education of the interns. 

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Futures and Options is a nonprofit career development and paid internship program for New York City youth.

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