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Alumni Mentoring Program

A mentor provides invaluable support, whether they are offering advice as you prepare for college or helping you make the jump from college to the professional world. The dedication and one-on-one support that a mentor provides, as well as their insight and first hand experiences, is an excellent resource that our alumni should take advantage of. At Futures and Options we provide alumni with the opportunity have a mentor and/or be a mentor for another alumni. See below to learn more about our Alumni Mentoring Program!


Alumni Mentoring Program: The Alumni Mentoring Program pairs older alumni of Futures and Options programs with younger alumni, fostering mentoring relationships between our past participants. The program aims to provide mentees with support and guidance for college, career, and personal development while also allowing mentors to give back and share their expertise and experience with others. The program also fosters connections, networking, and relationships between alumni of different ages and professional levels, and is an amazing opportunity for all who participate.


Applications are closed for the current round but check back in Fall 2022 to apply to be a Mentor or Mentee.

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