What We Do

"By investing in the Futures and Options interns, we see a tremendous return on our investment, not just in the work that they do every day, but in the way in which they become a part of our culture."

 — Joe Hudson, CBRE, Internship Site Partner

By partnering with New York's business community, Futures and Options opens doors for underserved youth to build meaningful professional careers.  We also provide businesses with a trained, educated, and diverse young workforce.

Futures and Options offers three key programs:  

Career Essentials: Career Essentials provides career readiness training to students who have not yet reached the skill level - or age - to be placed in internship positions.  Futures and Options' engaging, interactive workshops help students learn to sharpen public speaking, time management, goal setting, and interviewing skills.

Field trips to companies like Salesforce and Blackstone bring career exploration to life; students also get to meet corporate volunteers who share success stories and career information. In 2021, Career Essentials reached over 250 students.

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The Internship Program: Through our acclaimed Internship Program, students gain vital hands-on experience to prepare for the workforce.  They also gain entry to blue-chip corporations, thriving small businesses, and dynamic nonprofits. Our unique program tailors internships to match interests of both students and business partners. We also provide ongoing, dedicated support for both interns and supervisors throughout the internship term.  As part of the program, interns commit to attending year-round workshops on work-readiness and life skills.

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The College Guidance Initiative:  Futures and Options works with students in both their junior and senior years of high school to prepare them for the college application and selection process.  Since many schools lack resources to provide guidance around higher-education opportunities, we help students better understand the college search, application process, and selection. Participating students get the opportunity to learn from each other, share experiences with peers, and get college guidance materials.  We also provide one-on-one counseling.

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