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Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Internship Sites


What are the advantages of hiring a Futures and Options intern? We have never hired high school students.

Futures and Options works with a diverse and motivated group of students. Our program staff pre-screens and interviews all candidates, and takes great care to match students with businesses that best fit their interests and skills. During their internships, students receive ongoing work-readiness and career development training. Each business supervisor is matched with a Futures and Options program coordinator, who supports both the student and the supervisor throughout the internship.

Business partners overwhelmingly choose Futures and Options because of the opportunity to have an impact on the interns' career and educational aspirations and Futures and Options' focus on preparing, training and matching interns.

Will I be able to interview and select an intern for my business? 

Yes, your team will interview the candidates and make the final hiring decision. Futures and Options forwards selected student resumes and you choose the students you would like to interview in person.  Our program staff coordinates interviews, which occur at your offices, and communicates your hiring decisions to the students.

What is the general time commitment for an intern supervisor? 

Prior to the start of an internship, a supervisor can expect to spend an hour with Futures and Options staff developing the intern's job description and discussing the supervisor's role. During the hiring process, the supervisor should budget approximately three hours to review resumes and interview candidates. Once the internship begins, the supervisor serves as both a manager and mentor to the intern, assigning tasks and nurturing the student's professional development.

What kinds of tasks do interns handle? 

Interns handle a variety of administrative tasks such as typing, mail delivery, filing, spreadsheet maintenance, online research, etc. Some interns are assigned to a specific group in which case their work is more focused. In other cases, interns work on assigned projects. Futures and Options business engagement team is available to help our partners develop job descriptions and/or define projects benefitting both your business and your intern.

What does the typical work schedule look like? 

The intern's work schedule is based on your needs and the intern's availability. After-school internship schedules vary depending upon office hours and need, but most interns work 3 to 5 days per week for a total of 10 to 15 hours each week. Summer interns work 3 to 5 days for a total of 25 to 40 hours per week.

What is the compensation for an intern? 

Futures and Options requires that students receive the NYS minimum hourly wage throughout their internship in accordance with New York law. 

Who handles the payroll processing?

You are welcome to bring your intern onto your internal payroll, or Futures and Options can handle the payroll processing. If we handle payroll, all interns are required to submit a timesheet signed by their supervisors. You will receive monthly invoices based on your intern's hours on the job, plus 12% to cover payroll taxes and processing.

As a supervisor, will I receive back-up support from Futures and Options staff?  

Yes, Futures and Options program and business engagement teams are available to offer advice and support throughout the internship. In addition to the initial meeting at your office, job description development and screening/hiring assistance, our program coordinators conduct site visits and check in with the supervisors via phone and email regularly. Each intern and supervisor are matched with a program coordinator, who is available to address needs and answer questions. Link here to our Supervisor Handbook with more details. 

What are some key factors that make the experience rewarding for the supervisor and intern? 

Futures and Options' individualized, supportive approach is the heart of our Internship Program. Great care is taken at every step to ensure the best fit and highest potential for success for both supervisor and intern – 90% of our internships are successful, meaning the intern completes the internship's designated hours, attends Futures and Options career development workshops, and receives a positive performance review from his or her supervisor. Interns gain a sense of accomplishment, enhanced workplace skills, and the beginnings of a professional network. Supervisors help develop the next generation of talent and make a memorable impact on a student's life.

Confidentiality is a major concern for us – do high school students have the decorum to handle confidential information?

Confidentiality and respect for private information are key components of our work-readiness training. Several of our business partners require that students sign confidentiality agreements and/or submit to background checks.  Supervisors are encouraged to stress the importance of confidentiality in the workplace.

Are there any limitations to the work minors (under 18 years old) are allowed to do?

New York State labor laws require minors to present working papers proving eligibility to work and specify limitations on work hours during school months and over breaks. Futures and Options ensures that students have working papers and the necessary documentation to work in the United States.

Please see the New York State Labor Department for information about permitted working hours for minors under the age of 18 and general child labor laws.

What is the travel policy for my intern? 

  • Interns are responsible for their travel to and from their place of employment.
  • Interns are permitted to travel independently during scheduled working hours if the job description stipulates walking and travel by public transportation are required for the job. All required travel needs to be within the New York City Metropolitan area and paid for by the employer.
  • Signed parent permission forms are required for any supervised travel within the New York City Metropolitan area for trips not previously described in the job description. Permission forms must include all details of travel and full itinerary of the planned trip, including date, time, place, mode of transportation, and purpose of trip.
  • With prior approval from Futures and Options and a signed parent permission form, interns are permitted to:

Travel outside of the New York City Metropolitan area using the public transportation system (MTA, Path, LIRR, NJ Transit, MetroNorth, etc.), a private car, taxi, or car service*

Attend a work-related event outside of their scheduled working hours

Travel on an overnight trip                                                                             

* If traveling in a private car is approved by Futures and Options, the driver(s) and accompanying adults need to provide their driver's license numbers and the license plate number of the car(s) that will be transporting the intern(s).


If you have any further questions, please contact Business Engagement Manager Taylor Heideman or call 212-601-0002.

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