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Hire an Intern

Good for your business.  Good for New York.

Businesses always need talented, qualified employees.  Futures and Options is the solution.  Our internship programs can connect your business to a pipeline of motivated, diverse young people ready to work and eager to learn. 

With New York City's teen unemployment rate at an all-time high, low-income, minority teens face serious challenges finding work; we open doors for underserved New York City youth to build meaningful professional careers.  And by giving them an opportunity, you invest in the city's future.

Who are the students in the internship program?

  • Futures and Options interns are New York City junior and senior high school students.
  • Over two-thirds of Futures and Options participants come from low-income families; 76% qualify for free or reduced lunch. 
  • Students are matched with an internship site after they have successfully completed the Futures and Options application and several interviews.
  • Interns commit to attending Futures and Options career development workshops through the course of the internship.

How can your business make a difference in the lives of our students?

  • Offer a paid internship for at least ten hours per week during the school year, at least 20 hours per week during summer months, or both.
  • Interview and select qualified candidates, and assign them to supervisors who are eager to work with and mentor young people.  Before they meet you, candidates are pre-screened by Futures and Options.
  • Provide guidance as interns adjust to the workplace and develop their skills.
  • Evaluate performance at the end of the internship term; discuss it with the intern.

What does Futures and Options provide?

  • Pre-screening and work-readiness training for all interns to ensure that the young people you hire will be ready to work from the start.
  • Orientation for your employees; Futures and Options facilitators will share their expertise in youth workforce development.
  • On-site meetings to make it easy for you to develop job descriptions and conceive projects that will benefit both your business and your interns.
  • Support for supervisors/mentors as well as for the interns.
  • Payroll processing for interns, if your business requires it.

How do I learn more about becoming a Futures and Options Internship Partner?

  • Take a moment to complete our Business Partner Questionnaire, which will familiarize us with your business needs so we can better match you with an intern.
  • Call Futures and Options at 212-601-0002 to arrange an individual consultation.

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Futures and Options is a nonprofit career development and paid internship program for New York City youth.

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