Volunteer with Career Exploration

To encourage our youth to learn about the widest range of career possibilities, Futures and Options is continually expanding our network of business partners. A key part of our mission is to share the possibilities of a wide range of industries with teens. With that in mind, career exploration plays an essential part in our program.

Thanks to business partners who open their doors to Futures and Options, we make it possible for teens to interact with professionals in the work world and immerse themselves in creative career exploration events at different New York City businesses

Exploration Outcomes

• Increase interest in your organization and industry to a young, formative talent pool

• Have an opportunity to highlight your own programming such as graduate programs & college internships

• Reach your social responsibility goals by inviting your employees to share their expertise and career paths with our students

How To Become A Career Exploration Partner

We welcome individual or group volunteers to engage with our youth. We offer pre-scheduled activity dates as well as options to develop unique opportunities for you and your office. Here are some ways to get involved:

Host a Field Trip  

• Shine a spotlight on your organization's mission

• Speak at a Career Panel focused on you and your peer's varied paths to success

• Hear from students in a live Q&A

• Engage in a Breakout Activity focused on professional skills like networking

Be a Mock Interviewer 

• Conduct a Mock-Interview with students for 5-10 minutes each in speed rounds

• Provide feedback on what students can improve using sample questions and a supporting rubric

Be a Guest Speaker 

• Present your own career journey as part of a panel or an individual spotlight to a group of students

• Share your insights into your chosen industry and best tips to achieving success

• Engage yourself as a professional willing to be part of a student's network

Be a Create–A-Company Judge 

As part of our Career Essentials Workshop, our students' capstone assignment is to develop and present a pitch for a business to professionals like yourself.

• Review 5-6 student led mock-business presentations

• Use a rubric to note down points for public speaking skills and business concept

• Use your field knowledge to back up why you would "invest" in their mock-business

Career Exploration during COVID-19

Zurich and Futures and Options Virtual Field Trip

One of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic was to encourage us to expand our programming to virtual formats. This included our Career Exploration activities to continue to thrive via sites such as Zoom. In the screenshot above you can see an example of a Virtual Career Exploration Field Trip with professionals from one of our corporate partners, Zurich North America. This partner hosted a trip to over 40 high school students, who learned about their organization and gained insight into the various professional development opportunities the insurance company offers internally and externally. Volunteers from Zurich also participated in a speed-networking activity that gave students the chance to practice their communication skills and meet professionals.

If you are interested in volunteering with Futures and Options, please contact our Employer Partnerships Program Coordinator, Maritza Rodriguez, or call her at 212-601-0002.  

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