Photo of Jacques Onanga

Jacques Onanga

Assistant Program Coordinator

Jacques graduated from Royal Holloway University of London, with a degree in Political Science and International Relations with June 2017 and joined the Futures and Options team in April of 2018.

His experience working at the United Populations Fund in Burundi offered him a first-hand insight into the complexities and nuances of youth development. There he understood the value of public and private sector partnerships in promoting youth entrepreneurship through education, as well as delivering vital services to impoverished communities. Jacques has also worked in the London Borough of Croydon, assessing the impact of community safety and justice policies on at-risk youth alongside elected borough representatives. His most recent role as a financial aid advisor at Frank FAFSA, a startup fin-tech company in New York, has provided him with a lengthy exposure to college access and success strategies, the financial aid process, and working with high schools and community based organizations. Jacques is passionate about helping students complete complex tasks in minute detail, and thinking critically with them about the key drivers of their development as future university students and young professionals.

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