Photo of Carolyn Silver

Carolyn Silver

Executive Director

Photo of Fareesa Abbasi

Fareesa Abbasi

Business Engagement Manager

Photo of Meghan Becker

Meghan Becker

Program Manager

Photo of Jessy Berkhoff

Jessy Berkhoff

HR and Administration Coordinator

Photo of Amber Davila

Amber Davila

Business Engagement Coordinator

Photo of Taylor Heideman

Taylor Heideman

Director of Business Engagement

Photo of Kate Herman

Kate Herman

Program Manager

Photo of Sam Kahn

Sam Kahn

Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Photo of Shakina Kirton

Shakina Kirton

Program Administration and Evaluation Coordinator

Photo of Sasha-Lee Lewin

Sasha-Lee Lewin

Senior Program Coordinator

Photo of Jessica Mischkot

Jessica Mischkot

Program Director

Photo of Erin Moran

Erin Moran

Director of Individual Giving and Special Events

Photo of Joanna Munoz

Joanna Munoz

Director of Foundation Relations

Photo of David Pfeifer

David Pfeifer

Director of Finance and Administration

Photo of Maritza Rodriguez

Maritza Rodriguez

Program Coordinator

Photo of Claire Sagurton

Claire Sagurton

Development & Communications Assistant

Photo of Nell Schwed

Nell Schwed

Development & Communications Manager

Photo of Ulyses Small

Ulyses Small

Program Coordinator

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