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Morgan Stanley and Queens Library 
Team Up With Futures and Options

Morgan Stanley and Queens Library Team Up With Futures and Options

This spring, Morgan Stanley and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School asked Futures and Options to provide career readiness training to students in their New York City Mentoring Program.  The workshops introduced the program's 16 mentees to the soft skills essential for success in the world of work.  The three workshops focused on career exploration, setting goals, how to obtain a job and workplace etiquette. Participants in the program also learned interviewing skills, resume writing, and the importance of making a good first impression. 

The Morgan Stanley Mentoring Program matches each student with a corporate volunteer, who commits to mentoring the student for at least one school year, meeting for at least four hours per month. The program is designed to broaden the horizons of high school students and help them navigate a variety of educational, social, and professional situations. Morgan Stanley reached out to Futures and Options in an effort to give their mentees an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the skills necessary to pursue different career paths.

For the second year in a row, Futures and Options facilitated career readiness trainings for Queens Public Library's internship program. The library offers internships to high school and college students who work as tutors and youth librarians throughout the year.  As part of their internship responsibilities, the interns are required to attend supplemental workshops.

Futures and Options provided three workshops for the Library's interns, including a workshop on financial literacy, which covered budgeting, setting up a bank account, and information on credit cards.  The other two workshops covered time management and networking skills.  The interns learned about the importance of networking and how to present themselves properly.  Fifty students participated in the workshops.       

To learn more about partnering with Futures and Options for career readiness trainings, please email Tyran Omary or call 212-601-0002. 


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