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Q&A with Claymont Sancho


Meet Claymont, a junior at George Westinghouse High School, and a participant in Futures and Options programs for the last three years. Claymont learned about the Pre-Internship Program from his guidance counselor when he was a freshman, and became a Pre-Intern in the spring of 2009. The following fall, Claymont applied and was accepted as a paid assistant to the Pre-Internship Program, which gave him the opportunity to model and apply the skills he learned in the program. The following summer, Claymont was part of our pilot Bridge to Work Program, a program designed for Pre-Internship graduates to volunteer in the community. Finally, this spring, Claymont is one of 20 students participating in our George Westinghouse High School 12 week paid internship program! 

What do you do at your internship at the Museum of Jewish Heritage?

At my internship with the museum I help fellow employees with various jobs. A constant job I do there is opening mail, filing papers and organizing them.

What have you learned in the workshops?

I have learned so many things in my workshops like work etiquette, communication skills, writing skills, and organizing.

Describe some of the things you've learned about being professional.

I have learned so many things about being professional. I dress with a button up shirt, nice slacks, shoes and a tie. Also I have learned to talk professionally and email professionally.

How does the Museum of Jewish Heritage benefit from you as an intern?

The museum benefits from me as an intern because I can help take some weight off of the workers by helping them with their jobs.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to be a computer engineer.

What would you tell your friends about Futures and Options?

If my friend asks me about Futures and Options I would tell him/her that it is a nonprofit organization that will treat you and help you like a family would. They help you with everything from working to going to college.

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