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February 2018


Career Exploration Field Trips

Career Exploration Field Trips Open Students' Eyes to Professional Opportunities 

On Tuesday, January 9th, a group of our Career Essentials students continued to learn about potential careers on their field trip to Duff & Phelps, a highly respected independent advisor with expertise in the areas of valuation, corporate finance, disputes and investigations, compliance and regulatory matters, and other governance-related issues. Their clients include publicly traded and privately held companies, law firms, government entities and investment organizations such as private equity firms and hedge funds as well as the world's leading standard setting bodies on valuation issues and best practices.

Students met with the firm's Human Resource manager and listened to a panel of recent college graduates working at Duff & Phelps share their stories about their own education and career paths, specifically how they got their jobs. Students discovered the complex day-to-day work Duff & Phelps expects of them.  The panelist offered the students sound advice on how to apply for colleges, how to get involved throughout high school and college, and how to be a productive member of the working world. Thank you to the Duff & Phelps team for hosting our Career Essentials students and teaching them about the world of corporate finance.  

Reach More Aspiring Youth

High School Success Mentoring Program

The High School Success Mentoring Program is open to Futures and Options alumni who are high school seniors. This program pairs our high school students with Futures and Options alumni who are college sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In this program, high school seniors learn firsthand about the college experience from their mentors.  Each mentor is a supportive person the seniors can lean on, who can help them explore different college options, and who will assist them as they prepare their college and financial aid applications.

On December 19th, the High School Success Mentoring Program held its holiday party, which was hosted by Program Coordinator Michelle Shin and the Young Professionals Committee. Along with dinner and fun ice breaker activities, the mentors and their mentees paired up to create their goals for the New Year. 

We are extremely thankful to all who take part in this program, especially for the leadership of our college alumni mentors who generously share their time and caring with our high school seniors and to our Young Professional Committee volunteers, who stepped up to host this event.  We look forward to hearing everyone's progress toward their 2018 goals! 


College Guidance Initiative

Planning for College

Our College Guidance Initiative offers monthly workshops to high school students to enhance their awareness of the post-secondary education opportunities and to assist the students as they navigate the complicated college and financial aid application process. Students acquire a thorough knowledge of post-secondary education options and the steps involved in the research, application, and selection process.  Students also learn from each other and share individual experiences with their peers. 

At this January's workshop, 10 Futures and Options alumni who are in college spoke to a group of our high school students about their own experiences applying to college and what college life is really like. The high school students were excited to hear those who are just a few years ahead of them about the challenges of choosing a college, meeting new friends, and selecting which classes to take.  During the panel, Futures and Options Program Manager James Gurney asked our alumni, "If you could describe your college experience so far in one word, what would it be?" Our alumni said that college was fun, learning, life-changing, evolving, different, exciting, changing, and amazing. Kenneth, an alumni of Futures and Options, left students with a piece of advice: "Learn as much as you can and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you." We are extremely grateful to our college alumni who came back to share their wisdom with our eager high school students! 

Save the Date!

A Toast to Brighter Futures

Friday, May 4, 2018- SPiN New York 

Futures and Options' Young Professionals Committee will host its
9th Annual A Toast To Brighter Futures on Friday, May 4th at 7:30 p.m.
Once again, this fun-filled event will be held at SPiN New York and include an exciting and competitive Ping Pong Tournament, raffle, and more! A Toast To Brighter Futures supports our Barbara L. Christen Scholarship Fund, which provides college scholarships to exemplary Futures and Options high school students. For more information please email our Development Associate Carly Taylor.  


Get to Know our Futures and Options Interns

Brittny Evangelista

Junior at Susquehanna University

Business Engagement Intern at Futures and Options

During her winter break from Susquehanna University Brittny Evangelista worked for Futures and Options as the business engagement intern this December and January. Brittny was enthusiastically welcomed back by our team because she has a successful record as an intern. In summer 2017, Brittny worked with Futures and Options as finance and operations intern where she was responsible for on-boarding almost 300 high school interns. Her first experience with Futures and Options was with the Morgan Stanley internship program. Before she could begin working at Morgan Stanley, she had to submit her papers and go through the on-boarding process with Futures and Options us. As the finance and operations intern last summer, she helped collect and track the students' paperwork and take them through the onboarding. She says having the experience from both sides really helped her to learn more about how to properly manage her time, prioritize her projects, and how to accomplish the goals set out for her.

When Brittny thinks about her experiences as an intern, she believes the two main skills she learned are time management and prioritization. Brittny is finishing her four years in college with a Finance major.  She's looking forward to taking her next steps on her journey to a career in the financial sector. 


Nataly Azcatl

11th Grader at James Madison High School

Fall 2017 Futures and Options Career Essentials Intern

Nataly Azcatl is currently a junior at James Madison High School. After completing our afterschool career-readiness program, Career Essentials, in the fall of 2016, she was selected an one of our Career Essentials interns. When she was a student in the program, Nataly learned how to write a resume and act professionally. Without Career Essentials, Nataly says she would not have the job she has now. As an intern, she applies the knowledge she learned in the program. Working in the Futures and Options office gives her the opportunity to see a professional workplace firsthand and learn the behind the scenes of a nonprofit business. One of her biggest takeaways from both experiences in Career Essentials as a student and as an intern is the development of her communication skills. Before coming to Futures and Options, she was shy and found it difficult to effectively communicate with people. Now, she feels more confident in her communication skills; this alone is tremendously helpful for Nataly both in her internship and in school. 

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