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Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Job DescriptionFutures and Options is seeking an enthusiastic, energetic alumni engagement coordinator as part of our expanding program team. The alumni engagement coordinator will work closely with our team to open the doors for underserved youth to achieve meaningful professional careers and provide the business community with a trained, educated and diverse young workforce. Specifically, the alumni engagement coordinator will develop strong relationships with alumni of our flagship programs in order to increase our high school and college students' engagement in programmatic offerings and help them matriculate to and succeed in college and postsecondary education and work towards our ultimate goal of a stable professional career.

Key Responsibilities:

Responsibilities will include collaborating with the executive director, the program director, and other members of the program team to develop and implement a comprehensive alumni engagement strategy that supports our alumni from high school through post-secondary education, and on to careers with family-sustaining income levels. The alumni engagement coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Working with program team to ensure students' seamless transition from flagship programs into appropriate alumni programs
  • Develop a plan to recruit the designated number of student participants to our high school and college programs
  • Provide alumni participants with personalized guidance, information, and reminders about program events
  • Deliver phone-based and in-person supports for high school F+O alumni, supporting them as they prepare for and tackle issues related to college applications, financial aid, and college matriculation
  • Deliver phone-based and in-person supports for college F+O alumni as they adjust to the demands of freshman year, choose their courses, select their majors, seek internships and jobs, and determine their career paths after graduation
  • Track students participation, education progress, and job history
  • Work with business partners and volunteers to provide interactive career-readiness opportunities for students to practice and hone their skills, explore career opportunities, and build professional networks.

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Business Engagement Coordinator

Job Description: The Business Engagement Coordinator will be a vital member of our program team and will support the expansion of Futures and Options' network of business partners, which include small, mid-size and multi-national businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Strong partnerships provide the investment, support and workplace opportunities that allow Futures and Options to run its youth career development programs, which include Career Essentials, a work-readiness training program for middle and high school students, and the Internship Program.

The Business Engagement Coordinator will be primarily responsible for recruiting New York City organizations to partner with Futures and Options in preparing youth for the 21st Century workforce. Partner organizations contribute to Futures and Options by: 1) providing hands-on work experiences for students through the Internship Program; 2) enhancing Futures and Options' work-readiness trainings by sharing their expertise and resources; 3) hosting career exploration field trips; and 4) providing volunteers as mentors and career coaches. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with Business Engagement Manager, Program Director, and Executive Director, support the development and implementation of a comprehensive business engagement strategy that aligns with Futures and Options' mission and goals for growth, including increasing year-over-year retention of Internship Program partner sites with wage-subsidized interns.
  • Monitor the business engagement strategy using short- and long-term metrics.
  • Cultivate and recruit business partners via research, referrals, cold calling, emailing and networking events to provide wage-subsidized internships to Futures and Options students.
  • Assist with coordinating activities of the Board of Directors' Business Partnership Committee.
  • Manage and support relationships with Futures and Options' partners and prospects, including acting as the primary liaison between business partners and the program team, assisting with introductions, support, logistics and follow up, as needed.
  • Work closely with the program team to learn about the needs, interests and skills of the students to inform partner recruitment.
  • Work closely with partners and industry representatives to learn about the needs and the skills required for interns to be productive employees, and to inform work-readiness curriculum.

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