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Opening Doors to a Future of Boundless Options


Since 1995, Futures and Options has empowered New York City's underserved youth to explore careers through career development and paid, mentored internships. We reach out to teens at a formative time of their lives, guiding them to further their education and become contributing citizens.

Our model program enables New York's underserved youth to gain much-needed access to the economic mainstream, work-readiness training and support from caring adults.

At the same time, private and nonprofit businesses are connected to a pipeline of promising, motivated and diverse young people.


Together with our business and community partners, we are building the workforce of tomorrow.  Our career development program makes it possible for underserved, motivated teens to acquire the applied skills and higher education to successfully contribute to a global 21st Century economy.

Who We Are

Futures and Options recruits youth who attend schools that lack sufficient resources to provide educational and career guidance: 

  • In FY2019, our student population was 29% African American, 26% Hispanic or Latino, 25% Asian/Pacific Islander, 3% multi-ethnic, 5% Caucasian and 12% other.
  • Our student population in FY2019 was 65% female and 35% male.
  • 25% of our student population comes from immigrant families, 30% speak English as a second language, and 16% live in NYCHA Public Housing.
  • Our programs serve middle, high school and college students.  

New York City's underserved teens could easily fall through the cracks. It is imperative that we work together to continue providing the kinds of internship and career development programs that enhance their education and career trajectories. 


Since our inception, Futures and Options has served more than 7,000 New York City teens and coordinated internship placements at more than 500 private and nonprofit businesses in New York City, with 90% of all participants successfully completing their internships, graduating from high school and pursuing higher education. 

Founded in 1995 as a pilot project of the Alliance for Downtown New York, our program was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1999 and has been cited by the U.S. Department of Labor as a model youth workforce development program.

Through the years, Futures and Options has enhanced its programs to meet the needs of New York City's underserved youth -- and of our communities.  In 2007, we designed and piloted a Pre-Internship Program, which has grown to serve 400 young people and has been renamed Career Essentials.  We've expanded our College Guidance Initiative to include a series of workshops for both junior and senior high school students as well as one-on-one college counseling. We also offer the CE Alumni Network and College Success Program to help our students build on the skills they have learned in the Internship Program and Career Essentials. 

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